Bromhidrosis (body odour)is a condition of abnormal or offensive body odour. To an extent it is determined by Apocrine gland secretion (they are glands found in the skin e.g the armpits and groins).

Sweat glands are divided into two types Eccrine and Apocrine glands.


Found largely in the skin but in large amount on hairless region like the palms and sole . They are known for producing a clear,odourless substance,sweat,that consists primarily of water .
Eccrine sweat is normally odourless but can start to smell if bacteria get a chance to breakdown the stale sweat,it can also assume an offensive odour after ingestion of various substances like foods (garlic,onions) , alcohol or certain medications .

Found in the skin and eyelids ,Apocrine glands in the skin are in the underarms,breasts and groin region ,they produce a thick secretion that produce Pheromones (chemical substance that are produced by an organism )”Personal Scent”.
Apocrine sweat is initially odorless when it appears on the skin it attains its odour upon being degraded by bacteria that lives on the skin, it breaks down the sweat to produce an offensive body odour. More bacteria on the skin leads to stronger odour, the presence of underarm hair also makes the odour more pungent as secretions, bacteria accumulate on the hairs, high level of Apocrine sweat production could make the body odour worse.
Apocrine bromhidrosis is the most common type of body odour .


• Wash underarms at least twice daily with antibacterial or germicidal soap

• Shaving regularly to prevent accumulation of bacteria and sweat on hair shafts

• Use of deodorant

• Treatment of coexisting skin condition if any.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestion in the comment section .

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