HALITOSIS (Bad Breath)

Hey guys,

So this happens to be my first post on this blog,this is a new beginning I hope you enjoy and learn from every bit of my posts.

My name is Ibara Haruna Galadima ,I’m a Nigerian,and a Christian from Kaduna State,Jaba by tribe. Don’t let the name deceive you I’m a female .I’m a 300level veterinary medicine student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria,Kaduna ,Is my age necessary ?okay I’ll be 19 by December . To be very honest I won’t say I’m really sure of what to be posting about but creating this blog has been the best decision I’ve made in a while I think, but I’m sure y’all are going to love every bit of post here. So I’m gonna be writing about random stuffs that affects our daily lives and yea I’m open to suggestions from my readers trust me it will be fun. So my first post is something I wrote months back cause I felt a lot of people were ignorant about I hope it helps you or someone you know.


Bad Breath is a condition of having stale or foul smelling breath . It may be associated with certain diseases and oral hygiene but the most common cause of halitosis is oral hygiene .


  1. Bad Breath could also be as a result of hunger which means missing meals or generally being hungry (hunger breath). Sad to say but I think it’s mostly common among students.
  2. Smoking is also a major cause of bad breath ,smoke particles stay in the throat and lungs ,the chemicals in tobacco smoke can remain in the mouth and lead to bad breath (smokers breath).


To prevent Hunger breath the best option is to eat regularly ,Try as much as possible to quit skipping meals that could be hard but it’s worth it , chew healthy gums like orbit so your breath doesn’t stink and keep yourself hydrated by drinking water .

To prevent Smokers breath STOP SMOKING it’s bad for the health as most people know .

To fight Bad Breath

  • Brush teeth twice daily
  • Brush or scrape your tongue cause bacteria could be hiding and the bacteria is odor-causing so the less the bacteria, the less smell.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables help too.
  • Visit Your Dentist

How to tell if you have Bad Breath or not .

I think the best way to check if you have a Bad Breath is to cover your mouth and nose with both hands, then you breath out slowly through your mouth and the breath goes into your nose

So I’ve met a lot of people with halitosis ,part of me really wants to say “you have a bad breath you should treat it”but I think the person will feel bad, even though saying it to the person shows how much I care about that person. Trust me if you have a friend ,relative or someone you know that suffers from this condition the best option is to tell them it shows that you care and if you can’t tell them you can simply send them this blog post to read it might really help that person.

I hope you this was a bit helpful i just tried to summarize the basics .

Please I’ll love to see your Comments, Observations and Suggestions

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12 thoughts on “HALITOSIS (Bad Breath)

  1. Amazing… this has been helpful

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  2. Nice article. 👍
    Tanchu dear

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  3. Nice start babe! Keep it up

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    1. Tanchu dear really appreciate


  4. Inanom Galadima Jul 21, 2018 — 05:02

    It was a nice idea to do this, I’ll make sure I forward it to all my friends to create an awareness but i suggest you also right something on body odour


    1. Tank you babay ,I sure will


  5. Twas a beautiful start. Proud of you girl


  6. Lovely.


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